System Core


About UPT   關於聯純

High-end Water Purification System

High Performance Pure Water System

Our pure water system is custom designed according to physical para-meters of the client’s site.The system not only produces highlevel of pure product water, but also incor-porates process recycling technology to re-duce wastewater discharge, and thus achieves the design goals of saving energy and resources.

About UPT   關於聯純

High-end Water Purification System

System Introduction

While we have boundless creativity, our resources are finite. Therefore, it is critical to reduce environmental impact to an absolute minimum. To pre-serve water resources, designers shall, regardless of technologies used, carefully and thoroughly ana-lyze the conditions on hand, and adjust the operational parameters accordingly to reclaim as much water that would otherwise be wasted as possible.

Pre-treat > Softening > R.O. > Multi Step/Mixed Bed

Pre-treat > Softening > R.O./Deoxygen > Multi Step/Mixed Bed/CEDI

Pre-treat > Softening > Two-pass R.O. > Mixed Bed/Multi Step/CEDI

Pre-treat > De-mineral > R.O. > Mixed Bed/Multi Step/CEDI

Pre-treat > De-hardness > R.O. > Mixed Bed/Multi Step/CEDI

前處理 > 完全脫礦 > 逆滲透

Pre-treat > Complete De-mineral > R.O.